Get your Truck featured !

Were finally done shooting the 09 truck calendar ! it was a Lot of work, didn't make me rich like i hoped ! would love to do a 2010 calendar but gona take a year out then shoot a 2011 calendar in 2010.

Well i started this by calling people with nice trucks for sale / approaching truckers in truck stops, looking for locations where we wouldn't cause an accident or get arrested.. it wasn't easy but reckon we done a pretty good job if i do say so myself

Now the first calendar has been produced, its pretty clear what we do and the good word is spreading around.. thanks guys, so i'm gonna push on with my cause 10 - 4 !

So while this year you'll see some nice juicy video footage from the shoots and the rest of the galleries from the shoots as well as some more fun stuff you can get involved in

I'm looking for 12 beautiful trucks with drivers that want to get involved to make an absolutely amazing calendar and accompanying dvd.

There's gonna be on the road footage, interviews, and lots & lots of tittys & ass.. and one of you's gonna let me have a go in your truck aren't ya ! ? ?

We need 12 beautiful trucks & 12 idyllic photo shoot locations

( where we wont cause an accident or get arrested )

If you have a great truck or location and would like to get involved please click here to contact me

Don't have a show truck ?

If your spotted with one of our bumper could get it featured in a photo shoot with one of our glamour models no matter what truck you drive. ( this will be next year also but please keep flying the flag for us ! )


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